I’m going to refrain from getting into the details of why I’m posting this, but you could probably surmise it from reading the entry here. It’s become more and more depressingly clear that in our small, rural south Arkansas town, political offices are to be had without much effort. For example, in our last election, only 1400 folks voted out of about 10,000 for mayor (and there were three people running); that’s 14%. Terrible. The incumbent was defeated for no good reason. The challengers in the race really had no good reason even to run.

I tried to interview the mayor-elect for MonticelloLive a while back, and he refused an interview (after initially telling me he would grant me one), saying that he was still “learning and growing.” Hmmm. He won the election in May, but as of October, he still had no ideas as to what his plans would be once he took office. How does one win election on a platform of complaints? Oh, sorry. We have only to look to our national politics to see duplication of results.

Anyway, Dilbert creator Scott Adams says it best in this cartoon:

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