The sales tax election is today. I hope everyone turns out and votes in this important election. You are well aware of my concerns related to the lack of planning in conjunction with this tax and the direction of our city. However, after today, I hope you’ll give your input to our city officials as to future vision and planning for our community.

I still think our county and city leaders desperately need strategic coordination for us all. I still think that more proactive long-term planning needs to be done. I still think Monticello is an incredible place to live. Whether you’re a pro-taxer or a pro-planner or anti-taxer, anti-planner, whatever, we are blessed to live in a great place.

I look forward to seeing the results of the election. In the 1997 election for the one-cent tax that expires this year, only 1000 folks voted. The tax passed then with only 613 voting in favor of the tax, while 345 voted against it. At the very least, I hope that there’s better voter turnout this time around.

Go vote. Let your voice be heard, one way or the other.

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