I laughed rather heartily last night as my wife gasped in dismay when she discovered that Sanjayah had made it through another week on American Idol. She has rebuked me thoroughly for my earlier post and told friends, “Jeff is ruining American Idol.” My little blog can’t do much damage, I don’t think, but that hasn’t prevented me from reveling in the fact that an obvious no-talent (but with amazing hair gymnastic ability) has made it so far in AI. Even Simon said last night, “It’s obvious that America doesn’t care what we think.”

I helped Carolyn clean/clutter the house today for a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday (come spend money! Oh, and Jason, I’ll link to your shameless yard sale post as well!). I stepped over the Amazing-Ever-Growing-Pile-of-Junk-and-Treasure accumulating in the hallway and tried to file an old receipt in our filing system. I discovered the following there:


I’m considering an intervention at the house. If you know of a good obsessive-compulsive disorder counselor, please let me know… 😉

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