I’ve written about Hellotxt.com before. It’s a wonderful service whose main competitor is Ping.fm. Another noteworthy alternative is Loopt.com (especially since they have a nice iPhone app). All these services provide you the ability to update your “statusphere” (multiple online social services) with one, single update. It even allows you to update selected services if you don’t want your “@somebody” responses on Twitter to go to your Facebook account.

While I use both Ping.fm and Hellotxt.com from my iPhone almost interchangeably, my web preference for status updates has shifted to Hellotxt. In fact, the Hellotxt.com website has had a significant, although quiet, update in the last month or so. It now streams the status updates of your friends from Twitter and Facebook. You can also reply to them directly from the Hellotxt site. Very nice.


While there are lots of desktop apps out right now that allow you check the status of your friends, the advantage of Hellotxt is being web-based. You take your social stream with you everywhere. If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, I highly recommend it.

I’m curious. If you update multiple your statusphere with a service, what is it? What desktop apps do you use to monitor it? What other websites are you aware of?

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