by Donald Miller

I almost put it down. The first three chapters, while very humorous, just left me wondering what I was doing wasting my time reading this when there are so many good books out there on my reading list.

However, I stuck with it and am glad I did. Miller’s book goes much deeper and is more profound than his earlier Blue Like Jazz. He deals with some fantastically deep concepts of human personality and societal tendencies in an eminently readable way.

In fact, before I finished the book, I realized I was holding a wonderful tool for postmodern evangelism and apologetics. Miller is able to share the glory of Christ in a work that is relational rather than propositional.

Becoming a Christian might look more like falling in love than baking cookies.

With just such pithy analogies, Miller pulls the Christ follower back into following Christ in a love relationship and away from our reductionist tendencies to make Christianity more important than Christ.

I recommend it!

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