When was the last time you saw over 1000 college students study the Bible deeply for five straight hours?

I saw it last night.

David Platt has led his church, Brookhills, to host an event called Secret Church. Here’s what the site says about it:

When we think of “church” in America, we think of going to meet at a building, singing, praying and hearing a message from a Pastor or teacher. But in many places around the world, “church” meets in a home, an apartment, even in secret. These small groups of Christ-followers often meet for many hours in study, prayer and fellowship, as it is dangerous to travel to “church” and they want to make the most of their time together.

Secret Church is our “house church,” where we meet periodically for an intense time of Bible study–lasting 4-6 hours–and prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe. This is not for the uncommitted or faint at heart. But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word, and know His Church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church.

David led us all in a 5-hour study of the Doctrine of God. We had a 74-page booklet that we went through that detailed the awesome attributes and character of our holy God. It was powerful to be part of the event and see students eating it up.

What does that say about a generation of church folks that can hardly tolerate a sermon longer than 20 minutes? And what does it say about the amount of doctrine that folks can possibly know? Perhaps are churching are starving for God’s Word.

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