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Series Our Cancer Saga

Carolyn was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease in 1991. Since then, it’s been a wild, crazy cancer saga.

A new wrinkle

It seems almost unbelievable to learn of another type of cancer in a different place when we’re just taking steps toward treating the first cancer.

Cancer hiccups

It’s been since February 2015. Almost four years. That was the last time we’ve had a cancer hiccup. I say “hiccup” because life is so much bigger than cancer. If you are familiar with Carolyn’s cancer journey, it has been one that even her current docs say is one for the textbooks.


The news from the biopsy is in… and we have an opportunity to cherish not good health but a good God.

Moving toward knowledge: surgery

It’s the night before surgery and all through the house… not a creature is stirring, not even a… well, our high school senior is downstairs playing the guitar at midnight… A quick text message silenced that. Anyway, here’s a late-night update on Carolyn’s next health step.

Immeasurably more..

We are Amazed. Overwhelmed. Speechless. And thankful. The generous gifts, prayers and love has led to years of medical debt being paid off in less than a month!

Miracles in the mailbox

Often, we’d find money in our mailbox – literally. Sometimes it would have been mailed, and occasionally, there’d be an envelope with cash in it. On more than one occasion, it would be exactly what we needed. We began to call those heavenly gifts our “miracles in the mailbox.”

A little down: health update

The Noble’s received the results from Carolyn’s latest PET scan, and the recommendation is surgery. Catch up on the health saga learn what happens when a man swallows his pillow.


While we continue to be bewildered by the unconscionable decisions of our insurance company, we are not stopped. The generosity, support and encouragement of family, friends and neighbors has enabled us to proceed and simply pay for the PET scan out-of-pocket.

Health update 2014

My wife has been fighting cancer and auto-immune health related issues for over 20 years. This is the latest in our ongoing medical journey. It’s also your invitation to join us in prayer.

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