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More reasons people leave the church

It’s hard to believe that saying “yes” too much may lead someone to leave your church. Another possibility for leavers is when a member becomes embarrassed about their uninvolvement.

Apologizing to your church for leaving

I’m grateful to local pastor Sandy Young for tweeting about Edwin Andrew Love’s post Three Things I Need to Say. Love’s entry is a profound apology to a church he left, and it contains insightful reflections on our mindset of… Continue Reading →

Leaving your church: Don’t insult a man’s wife

Don’t Insult a Man’s Wife As you consider not going to “church,” you must force yourself to consider the spiritual realities of your disassociation with the body of believers that the New Testament calls the “bride” of Christ. (Revelation 21.2,… Continue Reading →

Loving stops leaving

Don’t Go to Church; Be the Church. Our church has embraced this slogan with a whole heart in the past year. We were grateful for the graphics at the Faith in Action website and adapted them for our use this past year…. Continue Reading →

How to leave your church

I hope I’ve made a case for asking significant questions and considering eternal issues as you consider “leaving your church.” If you are just stopping in, scroll down to the bottom and read the first entries in this series so… Continue Reading →

Why leave your church?

We’re picking up where we left off in this series about leaving the church. In this entry, we simply want to recognize the obvious: in order to leave your church, you have to have been a part of one. One of the… Continue Reading →

Leaving your church

Three years ago, I wrote a short entry called When it’s time to leave your church. I’ve been amazed at the amount of traffic that entry continues to receive. Invariably I notice that people find it after searching the web… Continue Reading →

Signs that someone is leaving your church

“I don’t like my/your church.”As a church planter and pastor, I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever heard those words or even read them in reference to our church; however, I am confident that they’ve been said, or at the… Continue Reading →

How long do you plan to be at your church?

An interesting article over at MMI relates a new study that says a full 1/3 of your church members may be considering another church to join right now. I’d encourage you to read the article. 1/3 considering leaving? As a… Continue Reading →

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