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Series Sabbatical Reflections

Thoughts from my sabbatical during the summer of 2020.

A note to churches: insist on sabbatical

Churches, insist on sabbaticals. Ministers and members may discover that they love the season of sabbatical and the lessons learned during it as much as they enjoy being served by a refreshed leader post-sabbatical.

A dual focus on the present and the eternal

Something I read in one of C.S. Lewis’ books has helped me focus on two things: 1) The Present and 2) The Eternal. Here’s why a dual focus is deeply faithful.

Sabbatical reflections: the team I left behind

A pastor can’t seize sabbatical. He can only enter it with confidence in a team of leaders who will support and enable his extended absence.


After 29 years of seminary, campus ministry and church leadership, I began my first sabbatical.

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