I know. I hear the collective gasps of disbelief. I imagine the following comments being made over coffee with smirks:

  • “Jeff is falling off the wagon.”
  • “The Mac fan boy has finally seen the light.”
  • “Steve is turning over in his grave.”
  • “First the demise of the laser discs and now Jeff is talking bad about Apple. The sky is falling..”

apple_ipad_1402555Of course, some of you Apple haters out there are gleefully reading along, hoping that I’ll torch Apple and agree with your long-held convictions.  Maybe I will. But I still won’t use a PC. I want to productive and happy in my computer use, after all. However, here are ten things I think Apple gets wrong:

  1. Failure of innovation in its software. Case in point: Apple Mail, Pages. While some of its software is incredibly useful, Apple seems to rely on “tried and true” and just can’t seem to turn the corner on true innovation and “must-use” in its software. Granted, it’s much easier and less buggy than alternatives like Microsoft Office.
  2. Reliance on third party developers and jailbreakers for really good ideas with iOS features. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I can’t explain it, but much of iOS 9’s vaunted achievements are built on the shoulders of those who hacked tweaks and usefulness into prior iOS systems through the jailbreak world.
  3. Refusal to integrate external memory options into iOS devices. This simple feature addition would pull a ton of device users from other platforms. It’s a financial decision – either buy the device with more built-in memory or constantly be deleting to make room for more music or apps.
  4. Not listening to users. While this probably originated with Steve Jobs who thought he could make something that people didn’t know they would want in some kind of zen thing, it’s good to listen to users. I’m a long-time Apple fan boy, and Apple listening is not something they do well (or at all?). A good example recently – people liked the size of the iPhone 5/5S. What did Apple do? They made a bigger iPhone. My wife is not a fan and doesn’t want a bigger iPhone. Thanks, Apple.
  5. Resistance to user customization on iPhones and iPads. I have to rely on jailbreak options to tweak my devices with customization. It’s one of the things that drives some of us batty when other brand users smirk and say, “What, you can’t customize your _____ (fill in the blank with lock screen features, sounds, etc.)
  6. Blocking competition. Consider the AppleTV. I can’t get Amazon Video app on it. I can get the Amazon Video app on my iPhone, but not on my AppleTV. Because Apple doesn’t want me buying videos from Amazon. Apple wants me paying more for the same things – purchase and rental on the AppleTV. So they block the Amazon Video app from the AppleTV.
  7. Price points. Yes, Apple products hold their value much better than PC or phone counterparts. However, I have always thought, “They could seal up the market if they’d just sell a laptop for $500.” That seems to always be a “switcher’s” complaint – “Apple products are too expensive. No matter how many times I say, “You get what you pay for,” people will still opt to buy a cheap laptop and then regret it a year down the road.

Now that I think about it, most of the things that bother me about Apple aren’t related to the Mac at all. Rather they are connected with their devices.

Apple’s attitude seems to be like that of someone trying to convince you something is “good.” A parent knows that certain things are “good” for their child, even when the kid doesn’t want it. Take asparagus, for example. It’s good for you. But it tastes like old grass, unless you put cheese on it – which then makes it not-so-good for you. Other times, it’s like someone convincing you to try something you’ve never tried – like Cap’n Crunch Donut cereal. People think they won’t like it, but when they try it, they can’t imagine life without it.

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