If any of you iPhone lovers are still looking for the perfect case, Shades might have released one today. To me, the perfect case does not add bulk to your iPhone and protects it from scratches. I’m not that interested in “shock” protection and am tired of battling my pocket when trying to pull out a case made of silicone. 

I’ve been using a new case – very nice – made by “Cozip.” However, these Shades cases look very nice. Even better, if you buy more than one, you get 50% off the second one. Since they’re only $16.95 to begin with, that’s a great deal. So here’s an idea… If you have an iPhone and want to try a Shades case, then let’s pool our purchase. Their website promises free 2-3 day shipping for orders over $60, so if we can find 5-6 folks to purchase a case, we can get them for $10-12 a piece, on average.

Speak and let me know, and we can make the purchase and distribute the cases! They also have a very wise assortment of colors to choose from.

Update (7-1-08): After a few months of using the Cozip case, I am sad to say that it scratches the aluminum around the screen pretty badly. Avoid it.

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