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Random Thoughts: Blog vs Twitter, Twitter purge, country music, random quotes, advice to grads

What do YOU do with your “random thoughts?” Do you collect them in an app or do you just forget them? I’m a note-taking and Siri abuser. Here’s a few of mine…

Random thoughts: Internet magic, stealth phone, ring back tones, Venmo, Sinemia and Moviepass

Here’s some random thoughts I’ve had lately on the inter webs, “free” movies, Venmo and more. None of them were worthy enough an entire blog entry.

Nuff Said: Misunderstood Emojis, Pickle Jar Theory, Blogging Disrespect, and “if Bible characters had iPhones”

This installment of “Nuff Said” covers prioritizing big things, the danger of misunderstood emojis, how bloggers have a self-esteem problem and what would be like if Bible characters had iPhones.

Lunch convos: Camouflage in Blacksburg

Some of the most entertaining conversations I have are over lunch with co-workers. Welcome to another installment in the “Lunch convos” series. In this one, Neal bemoans the lack of a hunting culture in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Lunch convos: Biking to work and quicksand

It was August 2016. I was eating with a few fellow staffers from my church at a Mexican restaurant in Blacksburg. We usually laugh constantly together at inane and even insane comments. This particular lunch made me realize that I… Continue Reading →

Lunch convos, Part 4

Another blog entry out of a conversation over a Mexican food lunch with friends this past August. If you are a fan of “The Bachelor,” you may want to wash your hands after reading this.

In response to a writing prompt

I was recently given a writing prompt challenge. I had to “Write a script to give telemarketers to sell plastic pooper-scoopers.” It’s rare that I get an excuse to write about poop, so I took up the challenge.

Lunch convos, Part 3

It was just a brief, hour-long lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, but the inane topics it spawned has led to a half-dozen blog posts. In this post, the Magic Eight-Ball is compared to Siri.

Lunch convos, Part 2

Ever wondered about the buttons in your car that you never push? In this random lunch conversation, a friend’s comment leads to VBU (vehicular button uncertainty).

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