I watched Sixteen Blocks tonight with Bruce Willis. (He was in the movie, not in my living room.) I’ve got to say for those that like cop flicks, this is a great movie. The ending is absolutely fantastic. If you rent it, you can also watch the alternate ending. Both are good, but I prefer the one that was released to theaters.

People can change. That’s the ultimate message.

Perhaps you’re one of those folks who are just past the point of wanting to change or even feeling like you can. There’s great news. People can change. Or rather, people can be changed. You see, I’m one of those folks who have been changed. I know.

The only earthly way for a life to be transformed is with a heavenly intervention. If you’re needing a change, and you feel like you’re past hope, you’re not. Watch the movie, and learn from Eddie and Jack.

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