A quick moving snow hit Blacksburg hard on Sunday morning, February 4, requiring us to cancel our church services. The snow came down quick and roads got bad. I met some of our leaders at Hardees for a quick breakfast after they had begun setting up the middle school where we meet for worship.

A church snow day for Northstar has come to mean a Slanket Sermon for me.

What’s a slanket?

I’m so glad you asked. A snuggie is a thin blanket with sleeves. A slanket, on the other hand, is a thick, plush, wonderful blanket with sleeves that wraps you in warmth and is perfect for… preaching outdoors.

So after Hardees, I navigated home, marveling at how much snow had fallen in only an hour! (The video is 4x speed; don’t worry, folks!)

Here’s a quick devotional from Philippians 1:27 – aka The Slanket Sermon!

On this day...

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