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Extreme Homemakeover introduces materialism?

Punkisrael is back. David was one of the very first bloggers I began following two years ago, and he stopped for a while. I was disappointed. However, in the last several weeks, he’s been posting again, much to my delight,… Continue Reading →

Bloglines burp

Has anyone else noticed recently (and occasionally) how Bloglines will burp and give you a whole slew of “new” entries from you subscriptions only to discover that they’re not new at all? Why is that?

Is your faith demanding?

Lou has an amazing, thought-provoking post. It’s made all the more so by the powerful examples she shares from her own life. Thanks, Lou.

Review of Osteen’s Your Best Life Now

Oh snap, Cavman has gotten aholdt of Osteen’s Your Best Life Now and is reviewing it…

55 blog articles…

Wow. If you’re a relatively new blogger, the blog world can be overwhelming. Tools, themes, RSS feeds, CSS, etc. Go to Matt Huggins’ blog for a list of 55 must-read blog articles that start off with the elementaries and progress… Continue Reading →

What helps a church plant “make it?”

MMI has written a brief article summarizing the findings of a Southern Baptist study (actual download of pdf file of the study) that seeks to determine new church “survivability.” It’s well worth reading for you church planters or members of… Continue Reading →

A cat named OS X

Justin is the man. He talked his girlfriend into naming her cat “OS X.”

Recommended Read

Cavman highly recommends Carson’s new book about prayer called A Call to Spiritual Reformation. I’m currently immersed in Phillip Yancey’s simply titled but powerfully written book, Prayer. Look for a review about it sometime in the future.

Don’t get chilled by global warming myths

Compelling scientific research continually shows that the hype over global warming may be just that. And political postering. A great article at the Chicago Sun-Times calls on Al Gore to apologize for his film An Inconvenient Truth which is so… Continue Reading →

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