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iPhone exceeds even best expectations

In an indepth review, Amtech analyst Shaw Wu said… “We estimate sales of about 250,000 units in two days (up from our previous view of 50,000). The previous fastest seller was iPod nano, which sold about 1 million units in… Continue Reading →

More good news for iPhoners

Apple is on top of things! Scheduled for the immediate future is the upgrade of your iPhone through software updates. Things to come include many of the omissions that iPhone users (like me!) don’t immediately notice upon their initial euphoria,… Continue Reading →


A new site seeks to become the Digg of the Christian blogosphere. is an interesting concept, but who has the time? With that said, I do encourage you to check it out. It may be your cup of tea…. Continue Reading →

Great single column WordPress theme

Found this blog while looking for WordPress designs today, and was struck by its design and simplicity. Truly, an excellent one-column WordPress theme. Check it out. (It’s in Spanish, so there may be some guesswork involved in surfing.)

Stupid, people…

Did you know that 58% of folks don’t read books after high school? That’s just a recipe for cultural stupidity.

What’s your temperament?

Our church uses the Choleric-Sanguine-Melancholy- Phlegmatic model of temperament evaluation as a tool to help people understand how different we all are. It’s a fun interaction during our Discovery Group process. I stumbled across an online tool today that is… Continue Reading →

Top 10 stupid things Christians say

Todd over at MMI had an entry the other day that intrigued me. He asked readers to comment about what are some of the dumb things they’ve heard other Christians say. One stands out so far: When we were considering… Continue Reading →

What’s RSS?

Ever wanted to know what RSS is all about? Blog feeds? (I didn’t even know they could get hungry…)Check out Tim’s great article on some of the basics…

Facebook Hammers MySpace on Almost All Key Features

Yet another article showing why Facebook is better than MySpace… You MySpace users need to wake up and smell the death and decay on MySpace… ๐Ÿ˜‰ read more | digg story

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