We love winter around here.

We love snow.

When we moved to Virginia in 2009, that winter was amazing, with snow on the ground almost an entire month. Our family spent a lot of time sledding, snowball fighting and building various iterations of Olaf (though we didn’t know his name then).

The following video was filmed that January. We had some friends from Dallas visit us – Ralph & Christy Ramsey and their daughter Hannah. We went sledding down a hill in Heritage Park here in Blacksburg. After a while, Ralph, Sam and I decided to make the sledding a little more adventurous.

It was time to play chicken with the sleds.

Adelyn and Hannah jumped in one sled (and promptly wrecked). Carolyn and Christy got in the other and, well, the rest is history.

Fortunately for posterity, we set up a video camera behind the three guys. We locked arms and faced down the oncoming sleds. Unfortunately for me, I had Carolyn’s high-dollar camera and was zoomed in on them as they raced down the hill, snapping award winning shots. Unbeknownst to me, it’s rather hard to determine depth and proximity when looking through a zoom lens. Fortunately for me, I have catlike reflexes and realized in the nick of time that I needed to jump. Unfortunately for me, Ralph and Sam not only wouldn’t move with me, but they actually shove me into the oncoming sled. Fortunately for me, my son was concerned afterwards (you can hear him say “Oh no”). Unfortunately for me, my daughter was more concerned about Carolyn’s camera… (you can also hear her).

I posted this way back when for a day, but we also sent it in to AFV and were instructed not to post it online, so I took it down. Since we’ve not received millions from AFV in the meantime, I’m reposting it.

Fortunately for you, there’s two versions: real-time and slow-mo. Enjoy.

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