Over the past two days, I’ve realized why that silver, extremely sticky tape is called “duct tape.” It’s not “duck” tape. For one, mallards and the like don’t slow down long enough to tape them.

It started over a week ago when we had our house leveled by a company called $999 House Leveling. In short, DO NOT use them. They will not return phone calls, and without going into the gory details, we can not recommend them to anyone in good conscience. If you want to know, email us.

ducts1.jpgHowever, we can say that they ruined our air conditioning ducts under the house. Crawled all over them. Smushed flat. We didn’t know for a couple of days, and it finally dawned on us that the house wasn’t cooling like it should. It took us a few days because it happened during those rare days of cool, spring-like weather. (I think the Lord sent it just to calm our frayed nerves.)

Thanks to a new friend, Justin Dreyer, we now have round AC ducts again. He and I crawled what felt like 10 miles under our house the last couple of days, cutting the ducts apart and putting new ones in. I saw things no homeowner needs to see. Like the jawbone of a small animal and what looked like a petrified human ear. (Have they found Jimmy Hoffa yet?)

Justin and I had some great conversation under the house. It usually went something like this:

    Can you reach that?
    Reach what?
    Hold on… no.
    Oh. Well, can you see the metal clippers?
    Uh, they’re under your butt.

Anyway, we are so thankful for Justin and Amanda. They’ve only been in town for about two months and already, they’ve gone waaaay out of their way to help and serve us.

If you need any home improvement or want to turn your home into an energy-efficient dwelling, call Justin. He’s amazing. I think he has figured out a way to heat and cool your home on sardine juice. I’ll come along to help… and bring the duct tape.

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