If you’re stopping by more frequently now and are enjoying this thing called blogging, I’m just going to say “I told you so.” Let me offer you a few more enjoyable blogs to follow by people that I know:

For some of you ladies, two of my college friends blog regularly at:

They are both great writers, Christ-followers, and very, very funny. I rarely stalk read their blogs without laughing or reading an entry to Carolyn out loud.

Some friends in our church blog at:

Other folks I follow, stalk and enjoy:

If you don’t see your blog listed here, let me know. There are lots of others in my Feedly, but I didn’t include those who haven’t blogged in the past 30 days. If you’re going to be part of rescuing web content from banality, then you must contribute.

I appreciated what Michael wrote In a recent comment:

“..the constant connectivity and over-convenience of [social media] leads to a deluge of posts without any significant value. Communication has largely been traded for “likes,” “shares,” “+1′s,” “retweets,” “favorites,” and the occasional comment reply.”

Blogging may seem daunting, but it’s like any other discipline. You gotta start somewhere. Challenge yourself to write for 5 minutes. Enlist a few friends to interact with your posts with honest objectivity. Then as you grow in confidence, go public.

It’s important to find blogs that you enjoy. You’ll find yourself developing a digital community of much more depth and substance than anything you experience on social media (of course, there are exceptions).

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