It’s mid-January. Do you know where your priorities are? It’s never too late to begin something today that will make regular deposits into your life all year. Wouldn’t it be nice to pause in December 2011, look back over this year and realize how much you’ve grown personally, spiritually?

You’ll need to begin somewhere.

I saw where Amy and some others are Backpacking Through Joshua. That’s the sixth book of the Bible, and it’s an exciting place for anyone to pick up in God’s story. What do you do when the person you’ve followed, who has “always been there” and has been a huge encouragement and spiritual influence in your life is, well, no longer there? The Israelites will face this question after Moses dies. It’s a time of upheaval, transition, and conquest. It’s a time of deciding for themselves if God’s promises will morph into reality as they obey.

The River Jordan, the city Jericho. All are walked through by the Israelites as they follow the leadership of a holy God.

This group of bloggers are embarking on a spiritual journey together over the next few months. They have determined to grow together. It’s such a wonderful idea that I’d like to throw it there for you to chew on as well. Who will you grow together with this year as you seek the God of All Promises?

I challenge you to grab a backpack and trail along with the others in Joshua. Get your feet sandy as you travel. Rip a rebel yell as the walls of Jericho come tumbling down.

Or… start your own online study. Pray about it. Be quiet before the Lord. Listen and see if He directs you to a particular book or section of the Bible. Then make a cool logo, start a blog or Facebook group, and invite others into your journey with you. Use your digital influence for His glory and your growth.

I’d love to hear from you in what directions you travel together.

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