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Discipleship Story: Ben Coulter

Learn from Ben Coulter the impact that discipleship has made on his life – from seeing a Matrix movie to integrating the “normal” with spiritual principles.

Discipleship Story: Kyle Pfeifer

How can you learn principles of discipleship from spikeball? Kyle Pfeifer will show you how!

The danger of “the”

What would you think if you learned one small three-letter word – an article at that – impacts your perspective and view of how personal God is?

Joseph and Nick: leaving legalism

Leaving a legalistic background where you’ve gained prominence and position is a difficult decision. This story of two men who risked it all when it was too late to do so is both curious and inspiring.

Passion Week: They didn’t get it

I wrote the following for Northstar Church’s Passion Week devotional series: As they were gathering together in Galilee, Jesus told them, “The Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill Him, and… Continue Reading →

No silence: on personal retreats and the goodness of God

I don’t need a personal retreat to declare God is good, but if I don’t declare His goodness from my retreat, after reading Psalm 96, I fear I’d be letting the trees and rocks cry out.

August 29: A day to make much of Jesus

In meditating on Psalm 29, I grew convinced that THIS day was a day to make much of Jesus. I hope you will join me TODAY by making your own contribution in some way.

Broaden your prayers

I believe we all tend toward selfish prayers. We pray diligently for ourselves and for our immediate family, but we must press deeper and be led broader than just our immediate proximity in our prayers. I’m directed to the NATIONS, not just my own little circle of loved ones.

How do you pray?

Prayer is the engine of your faith. How do you pray? This blog post encourages our prayers to be vulnerable, honest and constant.

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