I first saw this while cruising some religious blogs at 9rules Communities. So… here I go. Thanks to the Lo-Fi Tribe’s blog for originally getting me tagged.

1. List three words that describe your faith.

Growing, mysterious, joyful.

2. Describe one belief about which you are very certain and one belief with which you struggle.

Certain: That Jesus is God and is love.  Struggle: Spiritual gifting… particularly why there is so much abuse and confusion about gifts like tongues, healings, miracles, etc.

3. What is your mission in life?

My mission is to magnify God as life’s ultimate joy. I try earnestly to do this through the journalist’s credo of "afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted." I hope to be used by God to free people from mindless, routine, and maintenance religion and help lead them to a love relationship with God through living faith in Jesus Christ.

4. Describe one thing that interferes with you authentically living out your faith.

Zoned in on things in which I don’t have enough contact with people (i.e., in front of the computer, books, video games, and movies too much!).

5. What is your favorite story from the Hebrew Scriptures? Why?

The story of Joseph. I’m studying it again right now as I finish up Beth Moore’s "The Patriarchs," and it makes me cry every time. Have no idea. Has something to do with a person being rejected by men and found by God. A person who gains a family back after they all learn the importance of unity.

6. What is your favorite New Testament story? Why?

I think it must be Peter walking on the water. Amazing. That Jesus’ power only held him up (or was it Peter’s faith?) and that it was Jesus’ Word alone that emboldened him to step out. Can I take Jesus at His Word enough to step out of my boat?

7. Describe a meaningful action you took because of your faith.

Started Journey Church.

8. Does your faith differ from that of your parents? If so, how?

Not that much. Mine is more expressive in the sense of being action-oriented, I guess.

9. Who or what was most important in the development of your faith.

In recent years, it’s been some things I’ve read and poeple I’ve been around. John Piper’s book Desiring God did more to teach me about the character and nature of God than anything I’ve read in a long time. I’ve just recently been deeply affirmed by A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren. In addition, the campus ministers that I hung out with for 8 years while I served as one at the University of Arkansas at Monticello remain some of the main men in which "iron sharpens iron." Guys like Neal Nelson and Ben Phillips, and Jackie Flake, as well as others. In addition, Scott Duvall and Kevin Wieser played important roles in my understanding of my call to ministry and then my application of it.

10. Pass it on! Tag at least two other religious/faith bloggers.

I?m tagging: Jim Parker of XperienceStuff and Carolyn Noble at Proof Positive.

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