My Sunday morning routine for the past umpteen years is to get up early, head to a coffee pot or a coffee shop, and spend time in prayer and review of my Sunday morning sermon. I suspect many pastors have a similar path to the pulpit. There have been many mornings before a mug that I’ve adjusted my message (and a few I’ve scrapped) as I’ve sensed the need before the Father.

Today, however, I’m in a hotel in Monticello, Arkansas and will be worshiping with the faith family of First Baptist in an hour or so. I’ve spent the morning before a mug and my Bible app, enjoying my Bible reading plan (I’m doing this one!). I’m struck by the simple and wonderful joy of presenting myself on a Sunday before God’s Word without having to preach it.

It’s… Refreshing. Wonderful. Glorious. Centering. Calming.

Then it dawns on me that those who aren’t in a position to preach or teach each Sunday (the majority of Christians) get to experience this every week, and I’m jealous. What an amazing privilege to quiet one’s heart before the King of kings on a Sunday before worshiping together with His people with no agenda or responsibility other than to enjoy the preciousness of Christ with other Christians!

And I wonder… do you drink deeply of this blessed opportunity?

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