This should be the last time Carolyn gets cut during this go-round. She has surgery today at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. As I related in other posts, the doctor wasn’t satisfied with the negative results of the needle biopsies of lymph nodes in the groin area So they will be going in today to remove them.

This will be the second surgical attempt to do so. They were trying to avoid having to go deep.

It will most likely mean an overnight stay. However, the surgeon said she may be able to go home this evening.

What this means for us:
– The waiting game is almost over. Since November, we haven’t known exactly what we were dealing with or what she might be facing in terms of treatment. We will know early next week if Hodgkins or lymphoma is present with confidence.
– Chemo is ahead. A I related in my last post, they will be treating the breast cancer that way. If the results from today show lymphoma, there will be chemo for that as well.
– Living by faith and prayer is hard but deeply significant and surreal. We are overwhelmed by the support of friends, loved ones and complete strangers. Thank you.

At this point, we no longer ask for your prayers. You’ve spoiled us. Now we expect them. It is a glorious blessing to presume upon you in this way. Reality is though that we need more than prayers for health. Please pray for wisdom, financial provision, and our ability to testify to the Lord’s mercy in the middle of it all.

Living with uncertainty with Christ is better than being amply supplied and healthy without Him. I am reminded of David’s words, “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the courts of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

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