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Integrity matters

If you haven’t called your legislators yet to voice opposition to the bailout, do it NOW! Don’t give up just because you’re tired and think they won’t listen. … The Baseball Crank began a 3-part series yesterday called “The Integrity… Continue Reading →

You’re going to eat this… and LIKE it

If you ever had a helping of asparagus or brocolli or beets on your plate as a kid, you have heard that phrase before. “You’re going to eat this… and LIKE it…” It was always followed or preceded by explanations… Continue Reading →

SEC adopts (partially) mark-to-market fix

The SEC stepped in today and eased or clarified the mark-to-market lending rules. This has the immediate effect of freeing up credit for businesses and individuals. Doing so cost the taxpayers nothing. While they didn’t suspend it entirely, they have,… Continue Reading →

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