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10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #9

This entry continues a series of posts about “Ten Books That You May Not Have Heard Of” in which I recommend some wonderful, but obscure books. This post is about an out-of-print, 1945 tale of a young Baptist preacher and his wife struggling in their first church.

Walking through the bookstore

Honestly, being a self-published author is tough when you’re in… a bookstore. You see, most of us never make it onto the shelves of a bookstore. Imagine the torture of that. One of my favorite places is a good bookstore…. Continue Reading →

Nuff said: Extroversion vs Introversion, Are you naked?, Christian resolutions, Recommending books.. and more

Extroversion vs Introversion I’ve seen several articles recently reexamining the stereotypes of introverts and extroverts. Simply put, too many people make the wrong assumptions about their own strengths and weaknesses in life because they’re labeled (and many times self-labeled) as… Continue Reading →

Considering the Kindle

This is a great article for someone like me who is considering the Kindle. Basically, I can’t afford it. And as the author points out, no matter how “cool” and wonderfully convenient it is, it will break your bank in… Continue Reading →

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