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Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 6

Essential Church?: Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts I’ve tried to show in this series of entries that for us in the church or the campus to do effective collegiate ministry, we must begin far earlier than when students arrive on… Continue Reading →

Highlights from UAM BCM 2001

Here’s the year-end video/Powerpoint from the 2000-2001 school year. UAM BCM Year End Video 2001 from Jeff Noble on Vimeo.

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 5

Disappearance of Testimonies It’s hard to do collegiate ministry these days when the college students we’re attempting to minister with and to have never heard from anyone what it means to follow Jesus personally. Oh sure, they’ve heard tons of… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 4

You Get What You Expect Maybe the main reason we don’t see many churches producing dynamic young disciples for the Lord Jesus is because we just don’t expect much from our young people. I have found that people will generally… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 2

Segregation of Youth Groups Our churches have ensured their own demise by segregating their youth into “youth groups”, entertaining these same youth for 6 years (instead of challenging them in daily discipleship), and then, as if to put the nail… Continue Reading →

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