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On invalid signatures, rejection, reflection, and relief

I got the call Wednesday morning that I didn’t have enough valid signatures to place me on the ballot for the Blacksburg Town Council elections. For those of you who had no idea I was attempting to run, check out… Continue Reading →

Running for Blacksburg Town Council

It’s been a long, waffling process. I finally sleuthed out where to go and pick up papers to fill out for candidacy. I couldn’t find anything online about how to begin the process, nor where to go. After a few… Continue Reading →

Change in America = Change in the Church

One thing that no one can deny any longer. It isn’t 1950 any longer. America is not like 95% of our churches. At the massive Obama celebration party in Chicago last night, it was a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic, and multi-cultural blend… Continue Reading →

Praying for our new President

Ed Stetzer wrote an entry yesterday that I thought shared the appropriate spirit and tone for all of us who call upon Christ as Messiah and Redeemer – whether Red State or Blue State – in this significant political redirection for… Continue Reading →

Biased “fact”-checkers

I mentioned last week that many of the “fact”-checking sites are proving more and more to be exceptionally biased in which facts they report (or don’t report). Senior Research Fellow at the University of Maryland John Lott has written an… Continue Reading →

Integrity matters

If you haven’t called your legislators yet to voice opposition to the bailout, do it NOW! Don’t give up just because you’re tired and think they won’t listen. … The Baseball Crank began a 3-part series yesterday called “The Integrity… Continue Reading →

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