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Review: The Lost World of Genesis One

Each year, I try to do research and reading related to the ongoing conversation debate between proponents of evolutionary theory and those of biblical creationism. I can easily say that it is a constantly evolving dialogue battle. John Walton’s 2009… Continue Reading →

The Language of God review, continued

Sometime ago I began a review of The Language of God by Francis Collins. I concluded that review with some of the following thoughts: What makes us clearly think we can think clearly? Faith is required because scripture tells us… Continue Reading →

Review: The Language of God

There might be some who would mock me for attempting to review Francis Collin’s book The Language of God. After all, he’s a well-known scientist and headed up the government-backed Human Genome Project which mapped human DNA. I’m a pastor…. Continue Reading →

A la carte: Camping’s miss, new website, evolution, Instagram

Glad we’re still here… I think I laughed at my Foursquare screen on Sunday morning. (see pic at right) With Harold Camping being shown to be a false prophet again, you’d think folks would learn that the Bible is completely… Continue Reading →

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