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Should you delete Facebook?

With privacy fears and design faux-pas abounding, the question of whether to delete my Facebook account is more relevant than ever.

How I got rid of 100s of “friends” on Facebook

One Saturday morning, I clicked over on Facebook and noticed a friend request. I had no idea who the person was, and they weren’t local. In researching who they were, my mouse hovered over the accept button, and I had… Continue Reading →

Nuff said: Social media help, smart phones and dumb people, ministry to youth on social media

“Nuff said” is a collection of observations. This post highlights social media etiquette that may impact a job search, things that make you look dumb on Twitter, Gary Turk’s viral video “Look Up” and some ministry tips for youth workers on social media.

Still using Facebook..

Regrettably, I am still using Facebook. Although my teens are not. Falling Facebook users among teens has been well documented, and one day, their antipathy for the social network will render it obsolete. In the meantime, it’s not hurting for… Continue Reading →

Friday randomness: Facebook, Do you blog?, Missional clothing, Christianity’s juvenilization

Facebook fare I had another “I hate Facebook” conversation this week. It was with a friend who had seen a post that he couldn’t resist reacting to. That seems to be Facebook’s fare: reactionary posting. Before he cooled down, he… Continue Reading →

A la carte: 20 year-old cluelessness, Milennials leaving the church?, 40-minute sermons too long?, Flickr alternative Trovebox

A la carte is a collection of articles and observations ranging from technology to church. In this entry:
Things 20 year-olds don’t get
Are milennials really leaving the church?
Are 40-minute sermons passé?
A Flickr alternative: Trovebox

How to follow during the experiment

Beginning August 1, 2013, I’m going to conduct a 90-day experiment that is both digital and social. Read more about it here, but essentially, I’m going to begin posting most of my digital content right here at, otherwise known… Continue Reading →

The dilemma of where to post creative content on the interwebs

A cultural communication crisis Our country is in the communication crisis. No one knows how to communicate with one another anymore. It’s not just speaking to another person face-to-face. It’s that we all have our own communication preferences. Some people… Continue Reading →

Facebook… sigh and bye

Last May, Christian author and head of Lifeway Research Ed Stetzer deleted his personal Facebook account. (Read his entry here.) It was in response to Facebook’s seemingly intentional thumbed-nose to its users’ desires for privacy. I was also frustrated with Facebook’s… Continue Reading →

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