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Tell It

A simple post that issues a challenge to share your faith in Jesus Christ with your social media audience today.

Fret not

Is it time to hit the “impeach button?” Or is it a time to wait and support the President? This post examines the Bergdahl scandal in light of how one should respond with a Christian worldview to discontent with the administration.

A Boring Review

It’s not often that an author would’ve glad that I’ve read and reviewed his boring book. When I get to hash tag quotes from it as #boringbook, most would think I’m insulting him. Yet, this is the boring book that… Continue Reading →

Courtney Liddle in The New Yorker video

Love seeing friends (and church members) being the church. When people pursue their interests, using their gift and talent in a way that blesses others and glorifies God, it’s the “sweet spot.” Watch this video from The New Yorker about… Continue Reading →

Review: A Call to the Unconverted

I’ve mentioned before the importance of reading “old dead guys.” Too many Christians today are snacking on trendy preachers when they should be feasting on the proven preachers of history. Some who are popular and entertaining today are demonstrably heretics… Continue Reading →

Liddle Women: Virginia Tech softball, faith and cancer

Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women as two volumes in 1868 and 1869, but the story of the Liddle Women has more enduring power than Alcott’s book. And Liddle Women comes in three volumes: Susan, Courtney and Bailey. I’ve been graced to… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 5

Disappearance of Testimonies It’s hard to do collegiate ministry these days when the college students we’re attempting to minister with and to have never heard from anyone what it means to follow Jesus personally. Oh sure, they’ve heard tons of… Continue Reading →

“But others were tortured…”

Hebrews 11.35 is a rather abrupt transition from a sublime chapter in scripture that some call the “Faith Hall of Fame.” After detailing the feats of faith accomplished by God through the lives of Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Barak, Samson (who… Continue Reading →

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