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Nuff said: A week later with the same-sex ruling

This “Nuff said” entry is a collection of well-written, compassionate posts about the same-sex marriage ruling from a Christian perspective.

The “Supreme” Court, indeed: thoughts on the same-sex marriage decision

The SCOTUS rules in favor of establishing same-sex marriage for the entire country. For the Christian, it’s not a time to preach doom and gloom nor wring your hands in anguish. Rather, it’s a time to commit to pray, to obedience and to loving boldness.

The myth of bad marriages in the church

Are Christian marriages crumbling? Not according to this research. In fact, I believe that a marriage that is intentionally and consistently centered on Christ has a stunningly low, if almost non-existent divorce rate.

Review: Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

Divorce And Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities by David Instone-Brewer Ever since George Barna released his much-disputed survey about Christians having a higher divorce rate than their secular counterparts, the church has been on the defensive… Continue Reading →

Chemo hero

Carolyn began her chemo yesterday at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. The tenth floor hasn’t changed very much from our last go-round there. You walk into what used to be a dual-occupancy room, and there are three nice easy-chairs there…. Continue Reading →

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