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The scooter that love bought

This past Sunday was a powerful one at our church. Consider the following as part of the planned schedule: Baptist Collegiate Ministry praise band led worship 2 reps from the International Mission Board spoke I preached in the Life Essentials… Continue Reading →

New wheels (again)

Many of you have followed my Moped Saga. It began last year with the attempt by my family to be a one-car family due to finances (can we say gas prices?). After successfully parking my Nissan for a month without… Continue Reading →

Scooter life

It’s been a crazy past week here at the Noble household trying to get our school routine down. Car-pooling, kids’ activities and sports, photography shoots, meetings and out-of-town trips have taxed our one-car, no-scooter strategy. We’ve put it off as… Continue Reading →

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