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Tall tables and routine reflections

When an interruption of routine leads to prayer at Barnes & Noble…

How do you pray?

Prayer is the engine of your faith. How do you pray? This blog post encourages our prayers to be vulnerable, honest and constant.

Inner prayer

An inner prayer life is one that is self-consumed, with legitimate personal needs and issues. Growth in personal prayer happens when one progresses from predominantly inner prayer to a balance of outer prayer as well.

Pastoral Prayer

In Mark’s gospel, it says that after Jesus got into the boat from the storm and water-walking incident (Mark leaves out Peter’s dip), that “they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.” (Mark 6.52) {Oh Lord,… Continue Reading →

A pastoral prayer

{Father, plow my heart with Your truth and revelation so that it will be the ground from which springs a harvest that will bless Your people on Sunday.}

Liddle Women: Virginia Tech softball, faith and cancer

Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women as two volumes in 1868 and 1869, but the story of the Liddle Women has more enduring power than Alcott’s book. And Liddle Women comes in three volumes: Susan, Courtney and Bailey. I’ve been graced to… Continue Reading →

Proof of prayer’s effectiveness

I worked on implementing the homepage feature of my blog’s WordPress theme this past week (It’s SimpleFolio by Smashing Magazine). If you have been to the blog at (many just read it in their RSS feeds or readers), you… Continue Reading →

Scriptural prayers

Every now and then we all get “hung up” in our prayer life. We are deeply thirsty for intimate communion with our Father, but our words seem like a helpless rehash of yesterday’s grocery list. We find ourselves repeating phrases… Continue Reading →

“As you help us by your prayers”

Since beginning this new health journey several weeks ago, we’ve been in discovery and learning mode. All the PET scan told us back then was that there are three areas of activity in Carolyn’s body that may indicate cancer in… Continue Reading →

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