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Preaching to diversity

How can a preacher preach to such a diverse collection of people on any given Sunday? Think about it. People in need of encouragement are there with people in need of rebuke. Mature Christians who “know it all” are gathered with beginners or even skeptics. How can one sermon accomplish so much… every single Sunday? Consider the words of AW Tozer…

A pause in preaching provides perspective

Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve preached at Northstar in four weeks. I’ve not been gone – just thrilled that we have so many qualified teachers/preachers in our congregation that we can raise up a “teaching team.” Being able to be there and be… Continue Reading →

Catalyst Review: The Best Of…

Rather than regurgitating my own notes from some of the other speakers at Catalyst, here are some links to their talks that have already been written about on other blogs. Just click on the image for the link. Andy also… Continue Reading →

Review: Preaching the Cross (rated 4 stars)

Preaching the Cross (Together for the Gospel) by Mark Dever Four preacher-friends have come together not only to form a new ministry alliance but now have also written their first book. Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, Al Mohler and Ligon Duncan… Continue Reading →

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