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Review: Beautiful Outlaw

Read it anyway. That’s my recommendation. The first part of the book is so good, so beautiful and so descriptive of Jesus as a real person that it will provoke much thought and, I believe, lead you to deeper affection of and obedience. It’s the last part, where John tries to show a person how to relate to Jesus, that needs to be read with discernment. There are some real nuggets here as well, but you’ll need a shovel to dig them out at times.

Review: Deep & Wide, Part 1

Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley was one of the books I began 2014 reading with Dave Farris, our campus pastor in Pulaski, Virginia. Andy is the pastor of North Point Church near Atlanta, and his book Visioneering is on… Continue Reading →

A Boring Review

It’s not often that an author would’ve glad that I’ve read and reviewed his boring book. When I get to hash tag quotes from it as #boringbook, most would think I’m insulting him. Yet, this is the boring book that… Continue Reading →

Review: Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is the lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It’s a megachurch with over 8000 people in attendance. Mark is also the founder of the church planting network/wanna-be denomination called Acts 29. I picked up Doctrine: What… Continue Reading →

Review: The Last Christian

The Last Christian: A Novel by David Gregory Imagine a world in 2088 where everyone has neural implants enabling them to enter VR (virtual reality) and access the Grid (internet on steroids) at any moment. Because of the implants, a… Continue Reading →

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