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Courtney Liddle in The New Yorker video

Love seeing friends (and church members) being the church. When people pursue their interests, using their gift and talent in a way that blesses others and glorifies God, it’s the “sweet spot.” Watch this video from The New Yorker about… Continue Reading →

Liddle Women: Virginia Tech softball, faith and cancer

Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women as two volumes in 1868 and 1869, but the story of the Liddle Women has more enduring power than Alcott’s book. And Liddle Women comes in three volumes: Susan, Courtney and Bailey. I’ve been graced to… Continue Reading →

Friday and Saturday

Friday “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” So goes the saying. The reality is that God often throws in cake as well. We awoke Friday to a steady rain. Our plans had been to go to the park for… Continue Reading →

Thursday in Krakow

Thursday was another amazingly full day. The members of the UAM Cotton Blossoms who are on the trip with us – Becca Tipton, Kayla Temple, Savannah Morin, Lindsay Randall, Amy Mardis and Becca Sustaire – have been simply incredible. We… Continue Reading →

Wednesday in Krakow

We had a blast. We were amazed. God is good. When you bring a mission team overseas, you always emphasize the “F” word. That’s flexibility. You just never know what will happen or how your plans will actually turn out. … Continue Reading →

Sending Blossoms to Poland

If it was real flowers I were talking about, I think they’d wilt before they got there. However, I’m talking about the University of Arkansas at Monticello girls softball team. They’re the Cotton Blossoms! They’re pretty darn good this year… Continue Reading →

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