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Are “cultured” Christians just reverse legalists?

There’s an insightful give and take in Trevin Wax’s blog interview with Bret McCracken over his new book Grey Matters. But what really caught my eye was a comment McCracken made about his last book Hipster Christianity. Trevin: I have… Continue Reading →

Review: Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is the lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It’s a megachurch with over 8000 people in attendance. Mark is also the founder of the church planting network/wanna-be denomination called Acts 29. I picked up Doctrine: What… Continue Reading →

Review: Dug Down Deep

Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters by Joshua Harris I picked up Josh Harris’ latest with the eager expectation that I might be using it in personal discipleship with other guys. Harris is the pastor… Continue Reading →

Review: The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

Tim Challies has long been one of my favorite Christian bloggers. On top of being an excellent designer, he’s a great practical theologian. He’s not afraid to write lengthy, in-depth entries where most of the blog world has succumbed to… Continue Reading →

Review: The Reformed Pastor

The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter Here’s the scene: a pastor is deeply frustrated about the steady degeneration of his society. In addition to this, churches are in sad shape across the country. Members of churches are self-consumed and refuse… Continue Reading →

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