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Reflections on Montenegro

I’ve been back in the States for a few days now from a trip to Montenegro with friends. Carolyn and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday by eating (for the first time) at the famed Palisades Restaurant. It… Continue Reading →

Next stop: Montenegro – Help needed

On Monday, I’ll be flying out with four friends from our church to meet with a great friend who has moved to Montenegro. Part of former Yugoslavia, Montenegro voted for independence in 2006, and has since been envisioning and building… Continue Reading →

The Noble family flight saga

More on the Noble family travel curse. And getting kicked out of a terminal in the Houston airport.

The Noble family flight curse

This post is a tag team between me and Adelyn. We’re posting from the Charlotte airport.. Jeff It never fails. Anytime our family attempts to stretch our wings and fly somewhere, we get clipped. Today was supposed to be so… Continue Reading →

Last Christmas

Thank you, Google, first of all, for providing free airport WIFI in Baltimore. I despise airport WIFI charges, and Boingo is one of the worst offenders, but when we arrived for a layover enroute to New Mexico, we were delighted… Continue Reading →

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