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Video: Let It Go, VT style

These two guys – Ian Savino and Taylor Terrill – never cease to surprise me. But this is over the top. Love their rendition of Let It Go, and so glad they’re a part of our church and active in… Continue Reading →

Video: The Unmerciful Servant.. kind of

Matthew 18 : 21 – 34 | The Unmerciful Servant as told by kids.

Videos: Easter Sunday Testimonies

These two videos were shown at Northstar Church of Blacksburg, Virginia on Easter Sunday. I’m grateful for these two who shared their faith stories and hearts with us.

Video Blog: January 2014

Christmas Jammies viral video

Wow. I so wish I could convince Carolyn and the kids to do a Christmas card video next year… Here’s one family’s that you need to see:

Video: Pirates and Planes

Let me set this video up: We were preparing to go shopping. I was teasing my family about starting a video series called #PirateDad to rival the popular Vine #Batdad, when a plane that had been circling Blacksburg in preparation… Continue Reading →

A boring day working on finances

It was a beautiful Saturday in Blacksburg. The family was out and about, but I was stuck in front of the computer reconciling our financials. Fun. So… I remembered “Gawker” – a time-lapse app that takes pics through your webcam… Continue Reading →

Snowed-in church announcements

Snowed In Announcements Because we cancelled church today due to snow, Cody made this great video to show.

Sledding in our backyard

It’s nice to have a sled run, with jumps, in our own backyard…

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