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Goodbye (again)

I have a love/hate time with this season of the year in Blacksburg. Even as the weather changes from winter to spring (finally!), it’s also a time of transition for students and families. In May, both undergrads and grad students graduating… Continue Reading →

Liddle Women: Virginia Tech softball, faith and cancer

Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women as two volumes in 1868 and 1869, but the story of the Liddle Women has more enduring power than Alcott’s book. And Liddle Women comes in three volumes: Susan, Courtney and Bailey. I’ve been graced to… Continue Reading →

Hokies down the Huskies in last seconds!

Torticollis – learning hard lessons

During Adelyn’s suffering with torticollis earlier this week, I prayed with her and asked the Lord to bring relief and healing to her neck. While talking to Carolyn on the phone during one of her atrocious spasms today, I heard… Continue Reading →

Prayer for campus ministries

I just moved from a town in which the college campus there didn’t play as huge a roll in the town as it could or should have. It wasn’t the fault of the campus at all. Many times, it felt… Continue Reading →

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