I would prefer not to receive catcalls and ecstatic derision from this admission: I’m a geek.

I love computers (well, real computers… Macs). I love the intricacies of web design. I can sit in front of my iMac for waaaay too long checking out new Web 2.0 technologies, lifestream services, etc.

In recent weeks, several old and new friends banded together to create an informal and ad hoc group called TGOM. The post title says it all: Twitter Geeks of Monticello. It started simply. I sent out a tweet one day around 11 a.m., asking if any TGOM wanted to meet for lunch. What resulted was a raucous gathering of unashamed geeks. Well, one of them is a closet geek, but the rest of us carry our mice proudly.

We’ve had more lunches and tweet wars since then, even trying to help each other with Twittiquette. We randomly appointed officers for the group with BCMguy as president, me as Sergeant-at-Arms, seearkaj as Secretary, and journeyjerm as Vice President. I think we even let larryanna12 be Treasurer even though she’s not been able to be a part of the meetings yet. Others are vying for power presumably as I tweet.

In spite of our general banter, today I experienced a very practical and ministry-oriented side to TGOM. I’m confident that any of my tweet buddies could have helped, but one was johnny-on-the-spot. Here’s the situation:

Carolyn and I woke at 4 a.m. today to make it to Little Rock for a 6:00 a.m. surgical procedure. You can see the why’s of that here. However, suffice it to say that we were both bushed – her more than I, of course, upon our return home at noon. I dropped her off to sleep while I ran several errands, including picking up prescriptions at Wal-Mart. While I was there, I was supposed to get some Diet Pepsi for her. In all the hubbub of a crowded Wal-Mart (and Sam and I goofing off), I forgot.

When Carolyn awoke and got hungry enough to eat, she requested her Diet Pepsi. I slapped my forehead in frustation. Aaaah. I had just laid down to rest (see the earlier comment about 4 a.m.).  I was mustering up the energy to run to Wallyworld again when an idea stuck me… could it be…. TGOM to the rescue?

I hammered out a fast tweet: “Any TGOM folks at the store?”

seaarkajWithin a minute, I had several responses. arnievw and larryanna12 were apparently off-roading it in the Delta somewhere. shaneglass said his jeep was broke. BCMguy was rooting on Ole Miss at the Cotton Bowl. But seaarkaj said, “I’m at Wallyworld.”

A couple of private tweets and a few minutes later, and I had Diet Pepsi roadside delivery from a smiling friend.

That, folks, is one great way that Twitter can be extremely helpful and useful. I don’t care if I am a geek. Nyah, nyah. Live long and prosper.

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