This is a personal note to Todd Heap, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens… (if you know him, please forward this link to him!)


Outstanding play Monday night against the hapless Packers. I hate to see Brett Favre struggle like he has this season, but kudos to you! You had an incredible game! Two touchdowns!? Over a 100 yards receiving?! Awesome! You singlehandedly have restored my dignity, pride, and honor. You have enabled me to face my smack-talking 8 year-old son this a.m. and say, “Ha! I’ve advanced to the next round of playoffs too!” So… thank you!

If you’re ever in south Arkansas, I pledge to buy you a cup of Joe at the best coffee house in Monticello… that is, Dad’s Place!

Thanks again for lifting my team out of the trash “heap” of ignominy.

Best wishes!
Jeff Noble

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