Great post here by Thom Rainer that makes me want to thank Dr. W.O. Vaught and Gary Turner (both in heaven), Scott Duvall, Roger MacDonald, Sonny Tucker, and Shawn Barnard for being great pastors to me for God’s glory.

Each of these remarkable men were used by the Lord at key, formative times in my life. I’m so humbled every day to see hints of their ministry in mine.

Serving God as His people’s pastor in a specific local church is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a person can ever be called to. Each of these has served long and well. I pray for their protection and longevity, their purity and their passion.

I’ve now been a pastor for just eight years. I’m so grateful for the people of two great churches that I’ve been able to serve. But I’m more grateful for the sustaining God who supplies the wisdom, grace, patience and power to continue. We serve because He lives.

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