It was about a completely different subject, but a not-too-distant Phil Johnson quote got me thinking.

It’s time for evangelicals to rethink their priorities, reexamine the evil fruits of pragmatic and market-driven “spirituality,” and retool their own movement. Better yet, Christians with a concern for the glory of God and the authority of Scripture should renounce the latitudinarian-style movement contemporary “evangelicalism” has morphed into. It is a hopelessly mixed and muddled multitude. The fashionable brand of NAE/Christianity Today-style “evangelicalism” actually abandoned historic evangelical principles long ago, and hasn’t taken a firm stand for biblical and evangelical doctrine for some time. The current scandal is only a symptom of that much deeper problem.

Actually Phil hits another homerun in the comments to this same post: overwhelming outpouring of visible emotion is no reliable proof that someone is legitimately being moved by the truth.

Definite food for thought in this ends justifies the means postmodern church world.

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