by Jerome Teel

The Election is the first book by Christian author Jerome Teel, and for a first shot, I’d have to say that it was engaging and a good nighttime read. It’s a story of political intrigue, deceit, and international manipulation.

While he uses some tired, old cultural cliches (Republican candidate is the good guy; Democrat the bad), if you can get past this and enjoy the story, you’ll be glad. However, at times, I was truly disappointed by what the author could have created with this story.

There is a group in the story seeking to control the United States by their outright (but undercover) purchase of a candidate through political donations. They have a definite agenda, but in the end, well, I don’t think I’ll be spoiling this for you, they go down hard.

It’s the abrupt collapse of this deeply pervasive network that leaves one scratching his head. The story stumbles here. In fact, in just a few pages, the author is successful at reaching the climax and abruptly ending the entire story.

While it ends well, and you’ll be somewhat satisfied, it’s those lingering day-after reflections that make you realize that there was so much more possible with this tale – even without making it longer.

In addition, I was wearied with the shallowness of one of the character’s Christian conversions in the book. It’s the “pray this prayer” type of conversion complete with the “Do you want to go to heaven when you die?” question. This is such an incomplete and possibly wrong motive for Christian conversion, that I was disappointed to see it in print – again.

A person surrenders life to Christ in repentance and gratitude for His loving sacrifice for sins, not to receive a “Get Out of Hell Free” card.

The final turnoff in this evangelistic confusion for me was “Do you want to become a Christian and be certain you’ll spend eternity in Heaven?”

When the character responds in the affirmative, the pastor responds, “I want you to repeat a prayer with me.”

Now I know faith is simple, after all Jesus compared it to a child’s perspective. However, it has a lot more to do with grateful trust and love in Christ than it has to do with a narcissistic grabbing of Heaven.

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