The Fearsome Pirate has a  great post about why your community may not be involved in your church… It’s just, well, boring. And trite. And everything you touch is mediocre. If you say you believe in a glorious God, then why is everything produced by your church so humdrum?

…a hugely important thing is that it has to be good. Lutherans are addicted to mediocrity. If you’re going to try to reach out to the community, you have to divest yourself of the notion that the rest of the world is desperate for the kind of mediocrity and triviality that Lutherans offer. The fact is, they get more than enough of that from TV and the American education system. Our entertainment culture completely lacks seriousness already; they’re not impressed by Lutherans exhibiting a much more toned-down frivolity. Heck, even our frivolity is mediocre! The mediocrity culture of Lutheranism prevents depth, and this lack of depth makes conversation impossible. In today’s world, an unbeliever does not come to anything involving Christians because he wants something trite, shallow, and unchallenging!

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