It’s one of those affirming, surreal things to be reading down your Bloglines list in the a.m. with a cup of joe and discover your name or blog mentioned in another blog you enjoy reading. Especially when it’s a great blog or entry. I was humbled to be mentioned in Richard Pool’s excellent blog, The View from Here.

One of the many books that influenced me more than I realized is The 5 Love Languages. When I initially read it, I remember thinking, oh, this is nice and bland. However, I’ve found ever since that it’s helped me understand my own motivations better, as well as those around me. To quietly and considerately ponder what others need to feel loved or be appreciated is a victorious leap from a selfish paradigm. To realize that what makes someone else smile may be different from what causes my toothy grin is a much-needed, daily reality adjustment.

I discovered, with some surprise, that one of my primary love languages is words of encouragement. This refers to what I desire to be affirmed and verbally supported. Yet, I most often give as my “love language” acts of service. Pretty interesting.

Chapman points out in his book that if I keep trying to talk in acts of service to others who might prefer quality time, they will be sorely disappointed and perhaps even feel unappreciated. Every person is different, and the key is to consider what might encourage someone else. Pretty biblical considering Hebrews 10.23-25.

There is a simple, albeit poorly colored online test here, if you’re interested in taking it to determine your own love language.

Long story short… thanks Richard!

Time for another cup of coffee.

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