by David Gregory

Imagine a world in 2088 where everyone has neural implants enabling them to enter VR (virtual reality) and access the Grid (internet on steroids) at any moment. Because of the implants, a human can process information much faster than ever before. In this same world, Christianity – as well as other religions – is almost extinct. The endless pursuit of information, entertainment and sensory stimulation has choked out the spiritual.

That’s the world you’ll encounter in David Gregory’s The Last Christian. I read it after receiving it for free as part of Waterbook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for it. So often Christian fiction fails to compare in quality and imagination to the mass market. I was pleasantly surprised with this book.

I was hooked from the first chapter, and over the last three days, I’ve devoured the book. It’s imaginative – truly. On top of that, there’s a powerful message about the importance of living a full faith.

The protagonist attempts to re-evangelize America, but her attempts sound stale, trite and canned – much like many attempts at evangelism today. The author calls us to reexamine the New Testament and recover a thoroughly biblical – and dynamically compelling – way of leading people to faith in Jesus Christ.

If you’re looking for a summer thriller, look no further! Buy it here!

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