9781601425621In a followup to yesterday’s post about bad news believers (Christians that like to believe bad news), I thought it appropriate to refer you to a new book by Shaunti Feldhahn. She’s a social researcher, author and Harvard grad that uses her skills and passion for research to bless the church.

Feldhahn’s new book is The Good News About Marriageand it is an important contribution to correcting the oft-repeated myth “that marriages in the church have the same divorce rate as those outside the church.”

Have you ever quoted the facts about the 50% divorce rate?

Yeah? So have I. (Source)

Followers of Christ should know and believe that a marriage that is intentionally and consistently centered on Christ has a stunningly low, if almost non-existent divorce rate. Even marriages that are nominally Christian have a much lower divorce rate and more satisfaction.

What are the implications of the truth about marriage in the church?

Imagine the difference for pastors to know that they can stand on stage and tell their congregations with confidence that going to church matters for your marriage.

Imagine the difference to be able to tell a struggling couple, “Most people get through this, and you can too.”

Imagine equipping the average young person with the ability to counter the cynical statements of his college professors or the “why bother getting married” comments of friends who are living together, with the sold truth that, actually, most marriages last a lifetime.

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